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RT2600ac Port Security - Another security layer

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Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all having a nice Christmas!

So today I have something new, something that bugged me for a while: Keeping VPN ports open on my router when not needed.
On my case, all of our devices "call back" home VPN when away. But doing so means leaving ports open 24/7 and doing so concerned me.

During the day I have alerts when my users connect over on VPN, but what about during the night ?

So looking for a way to fix that, I coded a little something in Python and turned it into a docker container that does the following:
  1. Monitor my network for a few Key devices to find out if they are still connected to the router.
  2. When they leave Home, it opens VPN ports in the firewall/forward them allowing VPN to work.
  3. When the devices come back to home, it automatically detects it and closes all the ports again.
If you wanna know more about it check it here ddmunhoz/SynoRouterFwSentry
and also check the video Demo below:

Let me know if you have any further questions, it's a WIP
DS220+ : DS1019+ : DS216+II : DS118 : DS120j : APC Back UPS ES 700 — Mac/iOS user
Interesting. Thank you for sharing :)

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