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Portainer - pi hole container upgrade

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Afternoon all - posted this in the community, thought I'd try here for additional input/response:

I followed a tutorial last fall that creates a pi hole server (container) within Portainer. At the end of the tutorial, it indicates that the pihole server is upgradable by shutting in the container down and recreating the pi hole container. It did recreate, but multiple restart attempts indicated the container was unhealthy with a message of health check, but I don't have enough experience with docker to understand what broke, or attempt a fix. I ended up having to remove portainer, remove docker, and recreate it from scratch to get it up and running. Any insight/advice is appreciated.
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It did recreate, but multiple restart attempts indicated the container was unhealthy
Can you share which image you used and in case you used a docker-compose.yml the link to the compose.yml?

I am currious to check wether the Dockerfile and/or compose.yml declare healtchecks.

Most healthchecks are quiet primitive and perform a command inside the container that tries to identify whether the main process is responding. By default the interval for healthchecks is 30 seconds, starting it's first check after the container is started and the intervall is passed. E.g. the first check happens 30 seconds after container starts and then repeats every 30 seconds.

Afair, appart from informing the user that a container is "unhealthy" it should have NONE consequences. Though, if you run the same container in swarm mode (which is broken on Syno's Docker), the swarm internal loadbalancer will start forwaring traffic to the target container once its flagged healthy. Though, outside swarm, I am uncertain if it provides more than a cosmetic detail.

.. and then there is the possibility, that the healthcheck itself has an error :)
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The image pihole/pihole declares following healthcheck:
dig +norecurse +retry=0 @ pi.hole || exit 1
This healthcheck uses dig to resolve the name pi.hole using the dns service provided by pihole (accessed by the localhost ip127.0.0.1). If the name resolution fails, the health check fails.

I assume pi.hole is a default entry, which should always be resolvable. If you managed to delete that entry or prevent it beeing created somehow, the health check will start failing.
Thank you for input/feedback. I think I saw something in the log file about DNS - I will post the link when I get home to the tutorial I followed that details the setup and upgrade process for the portainer docker container.
late follow-up on this, here is the tutorial I followed for setup and the upgrade process that is supposed to recreate the portainer pihole container with latest docker.


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