Power Schedule / Hibernation for Backup-Only NAS

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Power Schedule / Hibernation for Backup-Only NAS

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What's the current thinking regarding power management for a NAS that is used less than 30-minutes every 24-hours, solely for backup? We have a DS1819+ backup NAS with 6x16TB Exos drives - currently running 24/7. I've read and understand comments on this forum and elsewhere regarding the merits of 24/7 to reduce HDD wear and tear. But is there a tipping point for low-usage systems, where cycling on/off as needed makes the best sense?

Comments regarding power vs. hibernation strategy are also welcome.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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My backup NAS only has HB Vault installed. It is regularly in hibernation. That works for me. Power schedules unnerve me.
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Just schedule it on/ off, saves energy and gives better protection against attacks.
there is no proof (just opinions) that there is wear/tear as result of on/ off switching.

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