Problem with Foscam SPC cam and Surveillance Station.

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Problem with Foscam SPC cam and Surveillance Station.

  1. RT1900ac
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I added a Foscam SPC to a Surveillance Station software channel but it doesn't work. It gives me the error of IP not found.
I checked the ports on the cam and they are right: HTTP port at 88, RTSP at 554.
Clearly the cam works regularly on the inserted IP.
How can I solve the problem? Some idea? Has anyone configured this Foscam?
i have connected C1 foscam, there is no rsp port value, just port 88 of cam, also i forwarde 888 port andx 443 port, am not sure if this makes effect on running it.

also this mean i was not able connect 2 cameras ... wit 1 router and 2 ethernet cables. wifi has problems in my building so i was in need of.

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