Project time...MakeMKV - "best version?"

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Project time...MakeMKV - "best version?"

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I'm going to install MakeMKV on Docker - I have some family and other digital content that I want to get online.

When I search on MakeMKV I get a lot of hits...I had seen folks saying they like the jlesage container, but wondered if anyone here had any experience w/the MKV containers on docker, and any other recommendation.


EDIT: Just noticed is has 5M pulls on does look popular...
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Look too for recent updates. MakeMKV is always expiring as the developer(s) time limit their beta releases (there are only beta releases IIRC).

However, I'd prefer to run it on a PC/Mac.

Also... it is not very space-efficient if you are looking for HVEC or H264 video codecs... it doesn't do that. For example, if you rip a DVD, the MKV contains the original mpeg video. Some find that useful because re-encodes are by nature lossy.
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Thanks, @Telos - I was doing more reading, and it seems like making the CD drive on a laptop avaliable to MakeMKV in Docker on my NAS was going to be more complicated than I want, and there were reports of slow rip speeds from CD. So I'm going to put MakeMKV and Handbrake on a laptop I have that still has a CD drive and give it a run there.

Installed and converted several DVDs w/home movies that were converted from tape by a service. They were supposed to give me standalone digital copies of the videos but forgot to, so I'm ripping the DVDs. Going to do one of them using both MKV and Handbrake to do a compare.

I'll have to keep looking for another way to use Docker.

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