Punch a hole from specific devices on guest network to device on home network?

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Punch a hole from specific devices on guest network to device on home network?

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On the RT2600, I use the regular network 10.86.173.X for most of my devices, including my NAS units, and the guest network (192.168.2.X) for my IOT devices (doorbells, lamps, and, in particular, Echo Dots (Amazon "Alexa"). I do this for security reasons: I don't want a bunch of cheap IOT devices with questionable security on my main network.

That purpose is only accomplished if, in the guest network settings, I UNcheck "allow guests to access my local network".

So the Dots are unable to access audio station on my Synology NAS, and therefore can't use Audio Station.

The NAS running audio station has a fixed IP address on the regular network, and the Dots have fixed IP addresses on the guest network.

How can I punch a hole through the firewall (and do whatever else is necessary) so that the Dots can access just the particular NAS running audio station, and not other assets on the regular network? Does it make more sense to try to punch that specific hole, or does it make more sense to enable "allow guests to access my local network," but block (in the firewall) all inter-network communication except for what I specifically want to permit?

Either way, how would I do it?


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