Info pwndrop to hide login screens when sharing files

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Info pwndrop to hide login screens when sharing files

DS220+ : DS1019+ : DS216+II : DS118 : DS120j : APC Back UPS ES 700 — Mac/iOS user
While sharing files using DSM’s “Share” that creates a link to be sent to the recipient is convenient, if someone deletes the “share” portion of the URL and tries the FQDM, they’ll land in your DSM’s login screen. I didn’t like that.

For example, if the shared link looks like:

If someone tries, they’ll reach the DSM’s login screen. If you’re using a reverse proxy to FileStation, they’ll land in your FileStation’s login screen. I wanted to avoid that and obfuscate my DS as much as possible.

Enter pwndrop. Installing it on Docker and using a reverse proxy allowed me to share files without worrying about exposing any login screens.

For example when sharing:
If someone tries:
They’ll be redirected to a vibing cat on youtube 😁
(and goes nowhere).

I’ve been using it for quite some time and I love the elegance of the solution. I thought of sharing my findings, it might help someone who’s on the same level of my OCD :)

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