PXE Boot network via synology NAS

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PXE Boot network via synology NAS

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Hello Friends :)
I am new here and i bought a months ago a DS418.
I have other 2 bay NAS

I am trying to use PXE boot network via synology NAS.
I am new also in PXE boot and yesterday i tested PXE boot with windows 10 and windows 7 , i used PXE serva but i only get sucess with win 7 (apperar a menu, i did not try install)
If i can i will try to do a full installation in one OS or even in a virtual machine.

My question is:
As anyone know if i can use my synology DS418 (if it is compatible) for PXE Boot network?

I found this tutorial:
Tutorial - PXE boot via Synology NAS

I inserted here two pictures :
one of the DSM version installed and other of file services in the control panel

In one picture it does not appear the option TFTP/PXE as i see here:
DiskStation Manager - Knowledge Base | Synology Inc.

Anyone knows why it does not appear to me?


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Check your Control Panel > Network look for DHCP section and in it you will find PXE section. The KB pictures are out of date.

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