NAS Compares QNAP TS-230 vs Synology DS220j NAS – Best for Budget

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NAS Compares QNAP TS-230 vs Synology DS220j NAS – Best for Budget

Synology DS220j vs QNAP TS-230 NAS

Budget NAS is actually quite big business. Although there are many expensive or overpowered NAS drives out there, there is still a big demand for low end and modestly powered network. Whether this is because of emptier wallets or because of the 24×7 nature of NAS, big brands like Synology and QNAP make yearly efforts to release cost-effective and low price devices. Although not exactly earth-shattering, they give end users a good taste of their software and brand, whilst still producing a product that will provide network and internet access to their data in the modern way that NAS provides. The Synology DS220j NAS, releasing at the end of Feb 2020 and the TS-230 QNAP NAS, released any minute now, already appear to be very popular with bargain buyers who have held off investing in a solution till now and without a new range of 2-Bay budget NAS anytime soon, these two NAS drives have continued to be popular all this way into 2020. As you would expect from these top tier NAS makers, both the TS-230 and DS220j will be consistently updated in their lifespan, as well as supporting the latest versions of their respective operating systems (Synology DSM 6.2 and QNAP QTS 4.4.1). Though it is certainly worth noting that they have very different ideas of what their audience wants. As previously observed here on NASCompares, Synology is a brand that has a greater priority given to software, providing typically lower spec CPU and Memory than their likewise QNAP options, getting the very most out of that hardware. Whereas QNAP tend to give more attention to the hardware by comparison and you will often find their internal (and often external) hardware being far more powerful. However, QNAP has really upped their software game in 2020, still arriving with good and fluid software (though not quite as smooth as Synology’s, it has to be said) it has evolved into a remarkably useful and intuitive software platform that can be customized in many more ways than their rival. The DS220j and TS-230 very much embody the philosophies of their respective brands and regardless of which one you buy, you will have a very good device that gives you a good bite of what each NAS brand has to offer home and business users. Let’s start comparing these NAS drives.

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