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Question about dual networks

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I have inherited an IT department that has a rackstation rs812rp+ this is set up in windows AD domain, and I believe also has an iscsi lun hosting vmware backup snapshots. As far as I can tell, this is all done on lan1 (IP 172.18.x.x) - as no traffic was present on lan2's ip, and nothing "blew up" when we unplugged Lan2.

We then attempted to give lan2 an IP address on network 2 (IP 10.108.x.x) put in the second gateway and went to network/advanced to set the system "use multiple gateways"

So far no connection from a system on the 10.108 network. Where would I look for some step by step documentation on setting this up, we really need to be able to read these files from the new network while we work out how to retire the old one (old network needs to stay alive until everything including applications is replicated onto mew domain) Any assistance would be appreciated

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