question on ftp to a certain folder on Synology NAS From ONVIF camera

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question on ftp to a certain folder on Synology NAS From ONVIF camera

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In the process of trying to ftp a Pix from ONVIF security camera to NAS in a paticular directory (or any directory)...
I suspect the error is in the Dir Name of this.... I have no trouble doing this same with HikVision cameras, but their fp target directory listing is different than here... Using Same Login/Password on HikVision camera's ftp transfer...
The location I want files to go in: Only volume in NAS Volume1 in the directory /CAMERAS/CT-CAM-16MM
OR---ANY LOCATION WITHIN NAS... In case the CAPS is confusing things...
I'm failing FTP TEST with anything I'm putting in that area..... I know IP, Login, Password (and Permissions) are good...
There is a firewall rule in to ALLOW ftp from the entire Security camera IP range...
EDIT: I also put in an ALLOW for this IP in ALLOW/BLOCK LIST of NAS, and tried not using anonymous
Suggestions? Many Thanks
Well, did get some infomation... here's the pix when ftp test fails... Yet, on NAS logs, NAS says it logged in fine, didn't upload or download any file, and then logged out. 2 separate log entries on NAS....
Now I'm enabling motion detect on cam
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Though NAS logs connection says the camera is logging in and out fine, via the ftp test (That Fails at camera end...)

I'm unable to get motion detect to send pix to NAS, because ftp at camera end thinks ftp is failing.... and at NAS end, it says everything is OK.....

???? Let the finger pointing begin!

Now during this same time.... Via SS on same NAS I'm failing to ftp to,and using same login & password I’m using for ftp: the camera IP stream is being seen and mot detect captured at 4K resolution (in SS) to a DIFFERENT DIRECTORY ON SAME NAS -- 100% SUCCESSFULLY!!!! So... it's something within that ftp login settings.... Damned if I know what!

Where's that RS232 chicken???
Now that I know NAS logs give a positive answer to logging in and off, From the ONVIF camera....

I have 3x of these cameras.... All 3 have different firmware in them.... 2 of 3 are 4K sensors... 1 is only a 2K sensor....

If I enter the same information in ftp into all 3 cameras... and then each do an ftp test... ALL 3 CAMERAS report ftp test failure..... and on the NAS logs in connections.... ALL 3 ONVIF CAMERAS report a: Successful Login, and a Successful Logout...
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FileZilla ftp’s to the NAS just fine. Kinda points at AliExpress cams. Asked Support if they’ve tried FTP on AliExpress ONFIV cams… Got the expected “3rd party response”, from Support. hitting brick wall with ftp. And this camera though HiKvision ftp works fine, but HiKvision doesn’t have 16MM Lenses!
Light at tunnel end:
Getting quite good with SS cam configure and AliExpress ONFIV cams.
But light at end of tunnel !! Throw money at it! SS Canera license works great with DS CAM & DS FILE. So while I await ftp access fix, another license will get me video files.
At least SS works! Throw money at it!

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