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Question re: Factory Reset

I have a question re: the procedure for doing a complete factory reset:

At How do I reset my Synology Router? - Synology Knowledge Center it states: "Data on Synology Router will remain intact after a soft or hard reset. However, we suggest backing up your data before the reset to avoid any unexpected data loss."

That does NOT sound like a full factory reset to me, since data remains on the router. When I bought it - in factory condition (i.e., brand new) - obviously none of my data was on the router.

Are they simply referring to FACTORY data - i.e., simply saying that original firmware will remain on the router? As it's worded, it sounds a little confusing. If I do a factory (hard) reset, I would expect it to be in the condition it was when I brought it home from the store in brand new/unused condition.

Please advise...thanks!

To restore factory default settings:​

You can click Restore factory default settings to restore your Synology Router to its original settings. This is also called a "hard reset". All user data stored will be erased and the entire system will be restored to default settings. You can also hard reset the system settings by holding the RESET button on your Synology Router for 10 seconds.

I guess it depends what is meant by 'data'. For users to store files you'll have to add external storage, is this 'data'? Or do they mean SRM system, package configuration, and logs is the 'data'?

I would remove any external drives, needed if you are using Threat Prevention, and then do a Restore Factory Default Settings from within SRM Control Panel.

I would then begin setting up the router again and see what, if any, of my previous 'data' was present. Then if nothing is found I would repeat the Factory restore again. Then sell it... which is what I guess prompted this question.

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