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Question regarding Create file request folders

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Hello everyone. I have a question that I was unable to find an answer to so far, hoping to find someone that has or has had the same issue in the past.

I have successfully set up my new RackStation and installed Synology Drive. Users now each have a home folder where they can upload edit and share files - so far so good.
In order for them to be able to receive files, I read a KB on how to setup an upload link. I did everything as stated, and it works just fine apart from one small issue I cannot fix.

When a file is uploaded a new folder is created in the designated folder. The filename is Uploader_Name (Requestor_Name) and this is where the problem is.
As only the administrator can create these upload links, all requestor names are the username of the admin which can be pretty confusing for the person receiving the files.
I would rather have only the uploader name be the folder name - without the brackets.

Has anyone had this issue before and found a way around this? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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