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Quickconnect via proxy?

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Hi all,
I've just put my diskstation in my office (DSM 7 on a DS1819+), but it sits on a private network there. Its only access to the outside world is via a proxy server at my institution. I've set up the proxy in the control panel, and alot of things work. However, Quickconnect from the outside in doesn't. Any suggestions for getting that working?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I can VPN in, but I'd prefer not to as it's a pain...
Considering how QC works (there is a white paper on it) it is trying to "drill" holes so it could be more user-friendly. The institution on your end probably has an FW up and running that will prevent such behavior.

VPN might be a pain, but it is def more secure than QC, and you will probably play by the location rules that will not get you into any more trouble in the long run.
Considering how QC works (there is a white paper on it)

QC using the Relay service would require the NAS to initiate an outbound connection which will go to the institution's forward proxy (Fwd-PX) server. The Fwd-PX will then make a second connection to the Relay service. These two connections then need to be maintained (i.e. up). When an Internet client wants to access the NAS it will create a connection to the Relay service. Then the Relay service uses the Fwd-PX to Relay connection to pass the Internet client's request. That then has to be processed by the Fwd-PX (does it have and AV and other content processing?) and finally sent down the NAS to Fwd-PX connection. That's established a connection from the Internet to NAS, now there will many more packets with data being consumed by the client.

Lots to stop it working.

VPN would be the way to proceed. Or negotiate with the IT/security team for the NAS to be available direct.

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