Quietest and fastest Synology NAS for under $1000? (excluding cost of HDDs)

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Quietest and fastest Synology NAS for under $1000? (excluding cost of HDDs)

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Hi there. Have almost settled on 1019+ as the reviews say it's super fast and super quiet.

What is the absolute quietest option for me (for total memory of around 16 to 24 TB) and one disc safety? What is the absolute fastest drive in the <$1000 range? Am I better with a 1019+ (with 5 Bays of 4-6 TB each) or a 718+ (with two Bays of 16TB each)?

Right now my old Synology 213+ and even older 209+ are the only two items making noise in my network cupboard which is right next to the bed in our spare room. Not exactly deafening, but the fans kinda vibrate the whole wooden cupboard and I'd love to retire these and have something really quiet if this is possible.

In addition to business and media users in my home, I have two kids in different countries overseas and they will use the NAS remotely for Plex and also storage, and so I am prepared to invest in this to have something we can all use to stream 4K.

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