Rack Blanking Panel for DS1515+?

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Rack Blanking Panel for DS1515+?

When I bought my last NAS, it made a lot more sense to get a DS1515+ for the money than a rack mount unit, knowing I’d put it in a rack anyway. Does anyone know of a product that fits the opening? Thanks!
A rack blanking panel is a common item in racks done primarily for air flow management, but it also can be done for aesthetics. They are a black metal plates rack width and a given height such that when you have a product inside it you just see metal and the product.

The DS1515+ is a bit over 5.5 rack units high, so the plate would be rack width and probably 5.75 or 6 Rack Units tall with an opening in the middle for the NAS.
If people aren’t aware of one, that’s okay. I just thought some people might know. Thanks!

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