NAS Compares Rackmount VS Desktop – Choosing the Right NAS Storage

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NAS Compares Rackmount VS Desktop – Choosing the Right NAS Storage

Choosing a Desktop or Rackmount NAS for your home or Business?

Let’s face it – data is EVERYWHERE! It is inescapable, it is necessary and most important of all, it needs to be kept somewhere safe. With data breaches and online hacks becoming a near-monthly occurrence, it is all too understand why a person or business would want to lock their data up nice and tight in the home, in an office or in a server room. Notwithstanding the easy access it provides to your important MB’s and GB’s, it also means you can have far greater control of who can access your data and who can’t!

With a market so saturated in data storage solutions, many people begin to stumble at the choice or NAS versus DAS (with Network Attached Storage the winner in my mind) but even before that, many home or business users are wondering – should I buy a rack-mounted storage device or a desktop device. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but what we want to work out today is which one is right for you!

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- 80% of mass market buyers driven by price, there is no way to purchase a 4bay Rackmount NAS for higher price than 4bay desktop NAS :cool: then, as @fredbert wrote, there is a final stage for such readers.

- rest of 20% buyers don't need such recommendations, because they know why they use desktop or rackmount NASes.

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