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NAS RackStation RS820+/RS820RP+


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RackStation RS820+/RS820RP+ - Ideal 1U rackmount NAS for high-performance data management
High-performance storage solution with on-demand scalability
Synology RackStation RS820+/RS820RP+ is designed for businesses pursuing an effective and centralized data management. It comes with four drive trays and 1GbE LAN ports and supports an optional 10GbE network or M.2 SSD adapter card, providing fast data transmission and reducing IO latency.

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I recently purchased a RS820+ which could be rackmounted in my cabinet (600mm depth). I also ordered the rack rails (RKS1317) and unfortunately found out that they will not fit in the rack measuring at approx 610mm depth. Unfortunate situation, but does anyone know of rack rails that would fit the RS820+ with a max depth of 600 mm?
If you don’t mind me asking, and since you have it. Are all the Phillips screws on the back aligned as in the picture? 🙂

are you referring to the screws on the rack rails and the actual rs820+ Aligned? If so I’m not sure Since I didn’t get that far, although I would assume so because these rails are made for that rack station.

my issue is that the rail is too long for the rack. Unfortunately after the fact Ichecked the spec on the rack rail and minimum depth is 610mm to 8 hundred something mm. My rack depth is 600mm. I never thought to look into the depth of the rack rails, because the actual rs820+ is 480mm so it fits in my rack, just not with the rails.
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Thanks. It’s much simpler actually. I’m referring to what‘s in the picture below. It’s a perfectionist dream 😄


I suspect that this is computer generated though (CAD).

I’m referring to the heads of the screws. They’re all aligned in the same direction. Genuinely interested and asking for myself not for a friend :)

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