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Hi all I am new to running a Nas and v new to docker I have managed to setup up sabnzbd,sonarr and radarr in docker containers on my ds218+ I would like to ask how do I update them. I have read not to update with in the program as such but I cannot figure out how to update the container keeping all settings in tacked. I have found some command lines such as pull for getting ages but I don't know where to enter them. Like I said I'm a novice any help would be appreciated thanks
It's simple...

Go to Registry, locate the image you want to update; click download (choose tag "latest"). The download will replace the former image.

When the download is complete, stop the container, click "clear" and "restart".
When the download is complete, stop the container, click "clear" and "restart".
But! Before doing this you must be certain that any folders of data/confits ‘in’ the container you want to keep were mapped to local NAS folders.

After updating the image, clearing, and restarting the container these NAS folders will be remounted within the container.

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