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Question RAM and Cache memory upgrade

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hello everyone I am very lucky that I found this forum. it is full of information that I could not find elsewhere so keep posting. today I would like to ask you all experts about upgrading RAM and Cache. I looked into Amazon for Synology D4ECSO-2666-16G RAM for my DS1819+ and it costs over 300$. but there are different brands that are way cheaper. do you guys recommend certain brand or should I stick with the Synology one?

About the M.2 NVMe/SATA SSD cache, I know that NVMe is faster than SATA so I think I am going for it or there is something else I have to consider other than speed? and which model should I go for? should I go for Samsung, Seagate, or WD? there are so many choices in each brand and it is confusing. do you guys have an experience with any of them.

thank you all
Did a recent upgrade on my 718

Also an upgrade for my RS unit

Regarding NVMe it will depend if you will have benefits from it at all depending on your NAS usage and apps.

So what’s your plan with this NAS?
I'm curious, too. Did anyone ever answer on whether or not we need to use the "Synology approved" RAM? I'm getting a DS218t and it seems ridiculous to pay $70 for 4GB of memory when there is identical memory for much less. Does anyone know the answer?
1. Synology isn’t the RAM producer
2. then Synology RAM must be branded only
3. then you will pay for the brand, not for an advanced features of the RAM
4. ofc also for a test-passed claim, useful during the NAS guarantee period only
5. specific list of features of the RAM is based on used motherboard in the NAS
6. Synology isn’t the motherboard vendor, then Synology has the RAM specification from the motherboard vendor or Synology itself requires usage of specific RAM features for each the motherboard. OFC, driven by cost of the RAM modules used by Syno in the NAS production. Also too many different RAM modules for each motherboard is problem for optimized (economy) NAS production. This is a hidden area for each of us except Syno HW R&D team.

Purchase RAM modules from storage vendor only = This is a standard attitude of installed base monetization from an enterprise level vendors transformed into SOHO/SMB segment. As additional revenue stream. No doubt.
But smart people around this NAS ecosystem has useful confirmed recommendations what RAM modules they use. Based on their real experiences.

when you will use “search” in this forum you will get more than an answer for your question.

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