Random change of upload directory?

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Random change of upload directory?

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I don't believe I made any changes to cause this, but it seems Synology Photos on my iPhone has suddenly and somewhat randomly switched from uploading all photos to a new directory on the NAS.

Old location was /home/Photos/MobileBackup/iPhone
New location is /home/Photos/PhotoLibrary/

The only thing I've done in the phone app that coincided with this was to disable automatic backup for several days, then re-enable it. The change in directory coincided with re-enabling backup on the phone.

I've always left "Default Folder" as the Destination, I've never touched that field.
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Today's photos just uploaded, while I was typing the prior post. Now they're done, I see they went back to the old location. It appears only the photos manually uploaded after turning backup back on went to the new location. Weird... not sure why that would behave as such.

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