Chat Random notification count in Syno Chat icon badge, iOS13 - ticket issued to Syno Support

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Chat Random notification count in Syno Chat icon badge, iOS13 - ticket issued to Syno Support

Synology, TrueNAS
Operating system
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Since upgrade to iOS 13+ one of our iPhone has strange behavior related to notification badge for Syno Chat. There are several iOS devices with 13+ and 12+ iOS with correct operation, with one difference all of them work with SynoChat Win Desktop clients, except this one 13.2 iOS (problematic) which works with MacOS Desktop client. We have also correct operation for Android App vs Win Desktop App.

Normal mode description:
- user has a new badge notification (managed by Synology App iOS Notification properties) ... Correct
- user is opening the Synology App and see internal (App environment) notification badge in notified channel ... Correct
- then user can switch the proper (notified) channel and read the new message ... Correct
- internal notification (App environment) automatically disappear ... Correct
- when user close the App, no badge presented in Chat App icon (iOS environment) ... Correct

Troubles come when arrive a new message to this iOS client (collaborated with MacOS only):
- Chat App icon (iOS environment) is showing 2 new messages in the badge ... the first problem is why 2 new messages?
- then user can switch to previously described "Normal mode" a he can see just single "new" message internal badge in right conversation channel ... correct, but still, why 2 messages has been notified?
- by touch of the right conversation channel, internal badge is disappeared ... correct
- when user switch off the iOS Chat App, all the badges are disappeared ... correct
- when additional message arrive to the iOS Chat App, the iOS badge is showing 3 messages
... and it's continue to (sometime 6, sometime 8), then some miracle happens and badges disappeared, but just for (sometime) next day, when the badge counter again and again counts this strange amount of new messages by iOS badge notification.

Background for the single iOS client:
- iPhone X with iOS v. 13.2
- Syno Chat App v. 2.5.1-459
- cross platform usage with Mac OS Syno Chat client v. 1.1.1-57, Electron 1.6.11
- cross platform usage by webclient directly hosted by NAS
- all the rest iOS badge notifications (for rest of Apps) are running 100% right. Just for the Syno Chat in "strange" mode.

What was checked
iOS side

- in iOS Chat App all the channels touched - to be sure, that no forgotten message are there. Done. 100% sure, all checked
- check of Notification setup in iOS: Settings/Chat:
a) Mobile Data is ON
b) Allow Notification is ON
c) Alerts ... all
d) Banner style is Temporary
e) Sound is ON
f) Badges is ON
g) OPTIONS ... Show Previews (Always) + Notification grouping (Automatic)

- check of Background App Refresh setup in iOS: [ICODE][ICODE]Settings/General/Background App Refresh[/ICODE][/ICODE]:
a) General setting is ON by WiFi & Mobile data

Then there is no user setup mistake.

MacOS side
There is no wrong setup

Synology Chat Server side
There is no what to do re such problem

NAS infrastructure
- guaranteed 500/250 connectivity
- notifications performs well in all environment (2-3 sec for all iOS/Android Mobile clients), immediately in both LAN sites in operation (10G LAN, 760Mbps WiFi). Include the problematic iOS client.

- the problematic iOS client collaborates with every single iOS/Android/Win desktop clients in our group.
- there is just one and only difference for this iOS client - iOS/MacOS desktop Chat client user collaboration
- there isn't a wrong setup from user/server side

Synology answer, based on my ticket:
Dear Customer,
thank you for your request.

Thank you for the detailed inquiry. Unfortunately I have to tell you that our development knows about the behavior and is working on a solution ready. I can't say when an update will be released because I don't have any insight into the development process.

If you have additional questions, topics, criticism or wishes, we available all the time.
Best regards
just, tried inform rest of users, that this kind of ticket has been issued
@fredbert - yes I understood your fun :cool:
it was just for rest of readers, they don't know our advanced kind of humor between old members

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