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User introduction Raspberry enthusiast joining

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Hi folks,

I primarily use my DS418Play as a LAN Server to keep all my personal documents, scans, photos, videos and so on.

In order to create backups of my local Raspberries I also wrote and maintain raspiBackup which makes sure I have a recent backup on my DS just in case the SD card dies or some updates break the system.

I recently updated to DSM7 without any issue. I heard there is DSM 7.1 in the pipeline. As of now it's not available for my DS418Play but I'm nevertheless keen to read your experiences with DSM 7.1 :) DSM 7.1 will become available for my DS the next weeks as far as I know.
I know. But as of now it's not officially available on my DS. I wait for an update notification from my DS ☺️
7.1 Is available for the 418 play - Syno seems to be rolling it out in waves. The advertisement is just now showing on my 1819+.

You can install it manually otherwise or simply wait.

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