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Read debug.dat files?

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Is there any viewer or application that enables mere mortals (people who are not Synology tech support) to read the debug.dat files that can be generated by the Support Services log generation tool in DSM?
simple - unzip it , cheers 🍻
and don't be surprised, why I newer will send such atomic bomb to 3rd party, even to Syno support
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zip or rar or 7zip .... all of them are working
same way works also for XLSX files
try to rename it to zip and you will see a magic o_O
then just find there /xl/worksheets/*xml files open them in txt editor, find keywords:
then erase everything within the:
<sheetProtection ... and next .... />
save the edited XML file(s)
again change the zip extension to XLSX
and password protected sheet(s) XLSX is/are now unprotected. So, what a great security.

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