Info Read me first - Bartertown rules!

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Info Read me first - Bartertown rules!

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The Bartertown forum is a place to offer personal used IT items only.

Commercial listings are not allowed!

All new threads must be approved by our staff members first.

#1 What can I do in Bartertown forum?
You can sell, trade or give away IT items for free. You can also ask to buy an item. For all this please use the right thread prefix before posting.

#2 What can I sell?
You can sell personal used IT items only. You are not allowed to sell new items in SynoForum's Bartertown.

#3 Can I link my offer to another site?
If you are selling personal used IT items you can link to Amazon or eBay website. There should be only one link in the thread to one item. For instance, if you are selling 3 items on Amazon, you should create 3 different threads in Bartertown for each item.

#4 How to post a selling offer?
Please provide the correct item information and as many product details as possible, including images and location (at least a country).

Note: all detailed personal information i.e. address or real name should be provided via personal conversation and not in the thread.

#5 What to do when the process of buying/selling/trading is finished?
As soon as the process is finished, please post a reply in the thread i.e. the item is sold, thread can be locked, etc. This is an obligation for the thread starter.

#6 Can I rate the seller?
Yes, below the thread title you can find the button for rating.

Note that provides this as a service to our members, but has no legal obligations to sellers or buyers. We ask sellers to be honest, but buyers should be careful nonetheless.

IMPORTANT: if you as a customer are not satisfied with the item you have bought, you can leave a rating for the seller (button below the thread title), but it is not allowed to discuss it in the thread
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