DSM 7.0 Read Only access to the shared /photo map

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DSM 7.0 Read Only access to the shared /photo map

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Installed Synology Photo (DSM7) on the Synology and the corresponding app on my tablet and smartphone. Managed to index the /photo to show in the shared space.
So far so good.
When I login with a user account form the admin group I see all my photos in the shared space. But these accounts have R/W access and are able to delete photos. So I created an user account called kijker1 that belongs to the group users.

I gave the user kijker1 RO access to /photo., and also allowed this user to use the Photo application.
But logged in on my tablet or smartphone, nothing shows up in the shared space.

Question : Is it possible to permit Read Only access within Synology Photo?


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Having the same problem, just want family users to have Read-Only access to the 'Shared Space' ( /Photo ).
From the Photos app (as admin) I gave them the "Entry" permissions but nothing happens, but if they have "Management" permission then they can see all the photos but also delete them.

I've created a Ticket to Synology and they are aware of the issue but dont have any solution except to manually create an share-link for every folder and subfolder under the /photo path.

Maybe if more ppl report this to synology they will fix it.


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Having the same problem, I can`t add permission.
Or move to a docker app? :D
I use piwigo. Historically (and on DSM 6.x) when using DS Photos my wife and anyone else with a non admin account would lose access to the photos after updating DS Photos to a new version.
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