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Record 1080p stream from 4k Camera

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I'm looking at getting 3 or 4 cameras to put on the outside of my house and will use my old DS1815+ to record the streams. I think I want to get 4k cameras but I would like the option to record as 1080p just in case the quantity of data proves a bit too much for my fairly old NAS.

My only experience so far is with a bird box camera streaming to surveillance station and for what I can tell to record at a different resolution the camera has to support the lower resolution stream (which the bird cam does not). I can't see any way to transcode on surveillance station as I record. Is this correct?

If so, do all 4k cameras support a 1080p stream? Even if I could transcode it would be better to pick up a native stream as the atom processor probably wouldn't cope transcoding.

I am looking at Reolink cameras but only because the look reasonable for the price. If I should be looking at a different brand for this that would be fine.
The Amcrest IP8M-T2669EW-AI has the ability to do 1080p (or a bunch of other streams). It's right at $100 on Amazon. The AI is very good and it's a solid metal camera, as opposed to the plastic that many Reolinks use. The next level down for Amcrest is the IP8M-T2599EW, which does not have AI and will only do 4k or 720p. I use both and I think the 2669 is worth the extra investment.
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