DSM 7.1 Record file access time frequency - Storage Manager does not have option to set to never

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DSM 7.1 Record file access time frequency - Storage Manager does not have option to set to never

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I’m re-setting up my Synology 1621+ with larger had drives. When I go to snapshot replication I get the warning about "record file time access frequency “ is on.

When I go to Storage Manager, select the storage pool then press the three dots all I get are two options: remove and settings. I would have expected to see four options; usage detail, file system defragmentation, remove and settings. When I select settings I do not get any option to switch the Record File Access Time Frequency to never.

Could it be that I am not signed in as an administrator or ???

Advice would be much appreciated
select the storage pool
Are you selecting the pool menu or the volume menu?

Also, DSM 6 or 7?

In DSM 6, [Storage Manager -> Volume -> Actions -> Configure] > Record file access time frequency
In DSM 7, [Storage Manager -> Volume -> dot dot dot menu -> Settings] will give you access
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Hi Rusty, I'm in DSM 7.1 It doesn't seem to make any difference if I choose volume 1 or Storage pool 1.

I've had a go at restoring settings I was using a month ago (before I rebuilt the NAS. Still I seem to get (on clicking the three dots) just remove or settings. Settings takes me to something about Stripe Cache Size. ??
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To expand on Rusty's directions....

I have finally worked it out.

In DSM 6, [Storage Manager -> Volume -> Actions -> Configure] gives you access to the "Record file access time frequency".
In DSM 7, [Storage Manager -> Volume -> THREE SNEAKY LITTLE DOTS ON THE RIGHT -> Settings] gives you access.

you need to make sure you are clicking on the three little dots on the right of your volume label (the area that has the disk % used)
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Aah, that's it. Thank you so much. I had been looking at the three dots at the top right nit the correct ones at the bottom right - as you say on the right of the volume label. That's brilliant. Thank you.
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