Recovery from Degraded Volume

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Recovery from Degraded Volume

Good afternoon. I need some help.
I have a 1513+ running DSM 6.2. Two volumes.
One, the original volume (2 drives) and I assume where DSM is installed is "degraded". The other is "healthy" (3 drives). I've moved all shares from the "degraded" volume to the "healthy" volume. Is there anyway to get rid of the original volume? I assume this means moving the DSM installation and all the apps. Any advice?


you have several options. You can replace the drive inside the degraded volume and let it rebuild. Also you can delete the volume using the storage manager. Considering you have moved the data the only thing left are the apps on vol1.

you can reinstall them on vol2 via package center and then delete that degrade vol.

dsm os is installed on all the volumes so there is no issue regarding nas functionality once you do terminate vol1

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