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How long do you store your data in the recycle bin, snapshots and hyperbackup?
I initially set the NAS to 3 months recycle bin, 6 months snapshots and 6 months hyperbackup (to a remote NAS) without giving it much thought. However, if I now want to delete a large file, it is first stored in the recycle bin for 3 months, then in the last snapshot for another 6 months and finally in the remote hyperbackup for another 6 months. Without going wild and setting everything to one month, I would like to know how you handle it and what makes sense for a private user. First of all: I mainly use the NAS for photo and video storage and rarely delete large files, but it does happen and then they take up storage space for over a year.
Personally, I do not use the bin, and in terms of snaps and HB that depends on the content. Some have a small number of version/snaps/backups others much longer (sometimes years).

In general for most data, any HB content is usually not older then a 1-2 years for me. Anything that needs to be archived forever is backed up in a separate task that is not overwritten over time.
I believe (though I am not the most experienced user here) that there is no rule about that and it strongly depends on the use case of each user.
For my workflow I use recycle bins on some shared folders that I use as "work" drives. I delete these recycle bins every night via task schedule and then I have schedules for taking snapshots keeping the last 7 of them (practically a week).
That's enough for my use case.
Everything that needs a longer retention has been assigned to Hyper Backup tasks.

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