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I've got a wiki running under docker - and I'd really like to not have to go to http://synologynas:{someweirdport} - i want to have essentially a portal which can be used by the whole family - and the synology admin screen is just one thing, that probably only I will ever go to.

so - bottom line - at the moment if you go to port 80 - something bounces you across to port 5000. Is there any easy/supported way to change that? (without hacking nginx files etc) on the file system, which I can do - but I'd prefer to be as upgrade friendly as possible.

You could use the Reverse proxy feature in Control Panel. That way you can redirect any name (like to any docker container running on a custom port.

This way you can have both HTTP and HTTPS URLs with no custom post at the end.

For this to work you will have to have a running domain, and a valid cert if you want to run with HTTPS protocol (or accept the warning in your browser as an exception).
thanks - actually - I found the webstation - I didn't realise that was there - so that did everything I wanted - I was able to put up a local portal thing that presented all the other services running on the box, including the wiki.

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