Info Relaunch Mac Finder when problems with connection to your NAS

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Info Relaunch Mac Finder when problems with connection to your NAS


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I just had a connection issue to my NAS via Finder with SMB so I'll add the info here for help.

In Finder I go to Go > Connect to server... then I type in smb://myServerName.

It connects, but in the Finder sidebar, I could not open any folder. I get this error:

This operation could not be completed because the original item for 'Shared folder' can't be found

To fix the issue you just need to relaunch the Finder. Press ⌥+⌘+⎋ to open the Force quit applications then Select Finder and click on Relaunch button.


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Sounds like Finder cached the previous connection credentials. Did using AFP work before relaunching Finder?

I usually just use the Finder sidebar to initiate connections. Or if using a URL then the local DNS resolved name or FQDN, e.g.: 'nas' for the local name which gets my DHCP domain appended or, if I'm feeling like doing the typing, 'nas.mydomain.tld'. I rarely use the device name that is set for Bonjour / Windows networking.

You can also restart Finder by Option-Right Click (or Option-Control-Click) the Finder's Dock icon. Then click Relaunch.


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The sidebar bug seems to have been around forever. Using Shift-Command-K (or Finder -> Go -> Network) rather than the sidebar seems to work consistently, so I just use that only, instead.

Flushing the DNS cache in Terminal with dscacheutil -flushcache seems to fix it also. I suspect the issue is mDNS related?

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