DSM 7.0 Replace Primary HDD with another

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DSM 7.0 Replace Primary HDD with another

Hi guys,

I currently have a 6TB drive in my Synology DS220+ that I want to replace with a 16TGB drive.

I’d essentially like to copy what’s on the 6TB and put it on the 16TB, then remove the 6TB from the Synology and put the 16TB one in as Volume 1.

What’s the best way to do this retaining all of my settings as if nothing never happened? The 6TB has all of my media, Plex server settings, and DSM system.
I would be very interested in the answer to this. I have 4TB drives in my DS220j and want to upgrade them to larger drives without having to reset up the NAS.
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I would be very interested in the answer to this. I have 4TB drives in my DS220j and want to upgrade them to larger drives without having to reset up the NAS.
that is a completely different question, best to open a separate question for this. But please mention which setup you have (SHR, or ...).
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Hi, yes it is! I only have the 6TB installed at the moment.
In that case, I would add the 16TB as second disk into the DS, and set it up in a separate pool and volume.
Then move all your data from the shared folders using the shared folder settings screen and change the location of these to the new 16TB disk.

Last part is to move the packages, that is more difficult.
set the standard disk for packages to the new disk (in package centre).
My advise would be to use hyperbackup to backup and restore all packages with hyperbackup onto the new disk.

Then, if data and packages have been moved, pull the old disk.
The only thing is, that the resulting volume is probably called volume 2, typically no-one cares.
How did it go? I have a DS720+ with a WD white label drive installed and just purchased a WD Red Pro 18 TB drive. I also want to replace the slower white drive with the faster NAS drive.

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