Requirements and considerations for IP surveillance cameras for home use

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Requirements and considerations for IP surveillance cameras for home use

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Let me first thank your cooperation and help in this forum. A surveillance cameras project for home use is to be done. All IP cameras will be linked to a local network through a switch. A group of cameras , 5 to 10 , are mostly ONVIF compliant HIKVision cameras of 5 megapixels. Network is built on a telco modem/router and an 18-Port PoE Gigabit switch. Currently I have a DS920+ and three IronWolf disks of 12 TB each.

Q1. Regarding cameras footage storage, will it be better to use an NVR of the vendor, i.e. HIKVision, or the NAS device will be sufficient ?
Q2. I have read that it is recommended not to mix surveillance recording with another service in same disk (post), does this apply in my use case ? What are the basic storage requirements and considerations for the network to accomodate surveillance use in addition to normal storage and collaboration use ?

Summing up, camera use will be in a home environment.
DS 718+, 2x-DS 720+
  1. RT2600ac
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My background on this subject:
Home use.
Using HiKvision 2CD2042WD-1 cameras.
13 of them, 12 presently installed. POE and local power. H264 & H264+ (But avoid +). No audio. 3K sensor, 1920x1080/30 video from stream. Not using their DVR, just loose cameras and 2x NAS.

Each camera presently set to ftp pics to one NAS, based on camera motion detection, each camera to separate folder of NAS. I Use a custom timed script file to clean folders by date and folder size. (Script-file uploaded here for other’s use. )

On 2 NAS’s: 2 SS Licenses on one, 3 on other. SS sets cleaning schedule by date and size. SS does motion detection for video.
5 cameras saving 1920x1080/30fps video to both NAS’s with Shared folder Sync.

Also use Shared folder sync so NAS with timed script file(s) running nightly on camera ftp folders are updated to second NAS, so both have identical files….

SO: One NAS does all the work (718+) and BOTH have all the files! (Other NAS is 720+)
DS CAM Accesses live video without any ports forwarded in router. From anywhere.
DS FILE Accesses pictures without any ports forwarded in router. From anywhere.

This was started 2 years ago and due to SS settings and script file, I no longer do any maintenance on the files.

Now the issues:

The camera I selected, I did based on feature set, but also on price! This camera has had firmware security flaws, causing people to dump these cameras cheaply. I upgraded them with new firmware that fixed the back door (2019), but NOT the flaw from last September! It appears HiKvision will NOT update firmware on this model!
I isolate the cameras via firewall, so the cameras cannot phone home or be accessed…. Access from LAN only.

Also note HiKvision is famous for Not supporting many camera models for a Myriad of reasons….

Seagate Ironwolf CMR drives used in NAS’s as SHR for past 2 + years. Without an issue.

But with all this stated, I’m happy with my results. What started out as a learning experiment, became completely use-able! PS: Home Insurance company, once they saw the synopsis of the system here, accepted it, and gave a discount on insurance.
So, it kinda: Paid For Itself!!
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