Resolve studio 17 Database on synology nas help

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Resolve studio 17 Database on synology nas help

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Hey guys! I make videos for my YouTube channel and I just got a new synology nas the 1621+. Upgraded ram to 32gb, 1 tb chache and 10gbe networking with my main PC.
This is at my studio location and I also want to be able to edit where I left off when I get home and use that Pc. There won’t be anyone editing at the same time.

How do I put the resolve database on the synology nas? I want to be able to have everything on the nas and edit from it on my main pc over the 10gbe connection and then if I need to I can resume it on my pc at my house. I don’t think it’ll work editing over the network? But I was thinking maybe something like synology drive would work just to sync my active projects with the remote PC… or even I do have it setup with openvpn on the remote pc so I can see my synology as a drive in windows but idk I’m
Not sure the best way or how to do this.

I don’t think I need postregsql? Since I’m
The only one accessing the database at one time? I also want to have both setups be exactly the same… the same transitions, power bins etc


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