RESOLVED: New guy needing help: Docker, NextCloud and OnlyOffice integration

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RESOLVED: New guy needing help: Docker, NextCloud and OnlyOffice integration

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Hey everyone. I just joined hoping I could get some guidance/advice.

I have a DS1515+ running Syno's official Docker app. I have the official images of NextCloud, OnlyOffice, and mariadb. running on the Docker host within Docker's virtual bridge network. I can access all of these apps just fine through a webbrowser and the NextCloud and OnlyOffice desktop applications.

The problem I am having is integrating NextCloud and OnlyOffice, and the suggestions I am finding online aren't working for me and I haven't yet seen a configuration specific to the configuration on a Syno NAS.

When entering my document server's URL (just an ip and port at this point) into NC's OO integration app and clicking save I get this error: Error when trying to connect (Error occurred in the document service: Error while downloading the document file to be converted.

The error seems pretty common and I've read a lot of things online pertaining to SSL. I am not currently running an SSL configuration at home, and because I will not be opening my home network to the outside world any time soon I was going to put this off as long as possible. (I just dealt with certificate hell at work and I'm done with it for a few months...)

If anyone here has done this integration before with a similar setup I'd love to chat. soon as I posted this I solved it.

If anyone stumbles across this post in the future, make sure all the files in your NextCloud data directory are owned by www-data

chown -R www-data:www-data ./data

And if you are using a volume on your Syno as the data volume (as I think you should be). Don't let DSM stomp on it! You might have to rerun the chown.
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