Restoring from CloudStation Sharesync

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Restoring from CloudStation Sharesync

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I feel like I must be missing something very obvious here.

My scenario: Involves two Synology Diskstations. One NAS uses Cloudstation Sharesync to sync (one-way) a shared folder with the other NAS.
In other words, every time something changes on this particular shared folder on NAS #1, the change is reflected in a shared folder on NAS #2. NAS #2 is also supposedly retaining a certain number of past versions.

So NAS #1 is the client, NAS #2 is, in essence, functioning as a cloud server.

On NAS #1 (client), I'm running Cloudstation Sharesync and Cloud Sync. (Note that I can't use Drive, because Drive doesn't yet have the capability of doing versioned syncing with another Synology; this capability is apparently yet to come in the forthcoming "Synology Drive Sharesync" package.)

On NAS #2 (server), I'm running Cloud Station Server.

The backing up part is working fine, it appears. The settings on the server side say I've got versioning turned on. INTELLIversioning, in fact; wow!

But how would I "restore" a prior version of a file that was sync'd with Cloud Station Server back to the client?
Cloud Sync just asks which public cloud service I'd like to sync with (none).
Cloud Station Sharesync only offers the ability to create more sync tasks.

So where is the "restore from an earlier version" capability?
Regarding ShareSync restore...

I have Synology Drive on NAS1 and Cloud Station ShareSync on NAS2.

To "restore" I open Synology Drive Admin Console on NAS1 and click the Version Explorer button. Then I click Team Folder (left column), select the shared folder/files I wish to restore, and then click the Restore button. Done.

What I can't figure out is why I have Synology Drive ShareSync package installed on NAS1. I don't recall doing that unless it was added by Synology Drive... and there is no way to uninstall it. Ideas?
Telos, so you have a mix of Synology Drive and Synology Cloud. My assumption is that when you "upgraded" to Synology Drive, it "automatically" replaced Synology Cloud Sync with Synology Drive Sharesync.

OK, so I'm going to install Drive on NAS 1 (client) and see what happens.
So it turns out that (sigh) cloud station has to be upgraded to Drive on both the client and server...and installing drive automatically installs the admin console and drive sharesync. Anyway, seems to be working now...
So it turns out that (sigh) cloud station has to be upgraded to Drive on both the client and server...

Not quite. On NAS1 I'm fully Synology Drive. On NAS2 I use CS ShareSync since NAS2 is a "backup" and I didn't want to burden it with full-blown Synology Drive.

CS ShareSync works fine on the destination NAS with Synology Drive (on source NAS).

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