Solved reverse proxies to access docker apps (nginx?)

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Solved reverse proxies to access docker apps (nginx?)

i tested every sub-domain and they all do the same.
i did add that htaccess file but that doesn't seem to have worked for the default site.

does HSTS require a certain browser capability to work?
so as it stand right now this is what is happening

all HTTPS sites load fine
all HTTP sites are loading the default web station home page. they are all being forwarded to that rather than to their HTTPS equivalent.

i don't want a port 80 HTTP to fail though, i want it to the redirected to the HTTPS equivalent.
just tested this on a completely different computer and HTTP is not being forward to HTTPS.

all HTTPS sites load fine
all HTTP sites are loading the default web station home page. they are all being forwarded to that rather than to their HTTPS equivalent.
i didn't, but have i now enabled it and the end result is the same.

HTTPS sites load correctly.
HTTP sites are loading the default web station website (ie they are not even loading HTTP version of the correct site).
It really sounds like there's a misconfiguration under the hood within the rewriting rules of DSM. You can open a support ticket with Synology and they will probably ask for remote access to the NAS to investigate it.

If you disable HSTS for one/all application URLs does it still go to Web Station home page?
i've just tested with HSTS enabled and disabled and it still gives the same end result.
HTTPS loads fine, HTTP loads the default web station site.

this is what the reverse proxy settings look like for the site in question

just a thought, is the HTTP version routing to default site because there is nor reverse proxy set up for HTTP version of the site i'm trying to access?

would i need to create one for both HTTP and HTTPS?
so this one is still an issue for me.
the only browser that auto re-directs to HTTPS seems to be Google Chrome.
every other browser i've tested with lets you load the HTTP version if that's the URL you enter (Old Edge, New Edge, Opera, FIrefox).
actually, just tested chrome incognito mode and that also doesn't forward, so i'm guessing that chrome has just cached the fact that the HTTPS forward worked on previous hosting.

so HTTPS-to-HTTP autoforward is not working at all
What can I say? From the Internet, I tested Firefox using an undefined subdomain of my domain that point wildcard to my ISP IP. Using and the NAS does redirect it to

I run a local DNS server for my home domain and Internet DNS service for outside. Whether resolving from LAN or Internet I get redirected to HTTPS for all my applications and virtual hosts.

Using Safari, mainly, or Firefox.
the only difference is you're using apache rather than nginx as the back-end?
what was your step-by-step process ? maybe i've missed something.
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update - looks like it might be an nginx problem.
just changed the back-end to apache 2.4 and now it's autoredirecting to HTTPS.

the custom 404 error page (missing.html) also didn't work when using nginx, but works in apache.
makes you wonder what's wrong with nginx, maybe it's not writing the changes to nginx.conf or something.

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