RMA process?

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RMA process?

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For those who've been through it. When I RMA a Synology DS what do they send? A similar one new, a refurbished one or do they try to fix what I sent to them and return it?

I'm suspecting that I have a problem with the 1019+ and working with Synology to resolve it. It's still under warranty and I think I might be asked to RMA it.
When I had my 1815+ fail under warranty, the default option was to ship it back, and wait for a replacement to arrive once received...looking at likely a long week, or two depending on processing. What they won't exactly advertise to you as an option is to cross ship a replacement NAS, putting a temp authorization on a credit card that is refunded once the defective NAS is received. For me, this took about a week. That was years ago however so I do not know if this is still policy.
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The other thing at the time with their support was slowness with ticket processing and getting things moving. You may need to call them daily (politely, of course.....) to push for resolution. I was frustrated with the time it took, but I did receive a brand new replacement and getting back up and running was surprisingly easy once I got everything back up and connected.
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