Router Admin Password - Change without a Reset?

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Router Admin Password - Change without a Reset?

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While running the initial Security Scan on the 2600, It showed two items... one being the ADMIN password as "weak".... When initially setting up the 2600, I opted for the LAN / Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi. I believe because of this, I was not prompted to use the default password from the label on the router. I can't seem to find how to RESET this ADMIN Password without a Reset via the paperclip in the base, and I see no path in the USER / Control Panel as the obscured password has no edit function that I can see. Unless one just erases and fills it in with the new password.

Also, the other only password is for the user account that is setup. It shows as "Medium" and it meets requirements. I use a Password Manager and that Password is 15 characters long with the required mix of alpha-numeric special characters and numbers.

If that 15 character is "medium", what does it require for "LOW"???

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Hi Rusty....

I had not until I knew what would occur if I simply typed in the new password over the "*********" obscuring this presumably default one.

Most password changes have some box to tick where you put in your OLD Password first as you likely are aware....

Not this one! I just don't want to get locked out and have to do a full reset, though I believe you can just reset the admin by the paperclip reset method...
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I just found this on the site, and I'll try that... But when I go in, it is showing my USER Account.... not the ADMIN Account.

Again.. I'm assuming here that the ADMIN account the Security Center is referring still has the original SERIEL number default password...

I'm not sure why they are calling ADMIN account (as shown below) the same as my User Account.....

  • If you simply wish to change the administrator's password when you can sign in to SRM normally, please go to Options > Account to configure the settings.
  • Data on Synology Router will remain intact after a soft or hard reset. However, we suggest backing up your data before the reset to avoid any unexpected data loss.
I performed the "Admin" RESET via the on board reset button, it said "Hold for 4 Seconds until Beep is heard"... No Beep sounded, but I did release after 4 and it indeed Reset the "Admin" password... But it appears that I (or they) are confused by what is the Admin Password. In this case it presented only the "User" password... not the Admin password that I thought I was updating. So is the Admin which is separate considered the User which you choose the name for?

I went ahead and again used a 15 digit combo (auto generated) and checked back to the Security with a new scan, and this time it cleared with no complaints.

Sorry...not as clear as I would like, but I like to understand fully when making these kind of changes.....
I just checked my RT2600ac and an admin user on SRM has the little yellow/red badge on the icon and the common ' (Normal)' suffix.

If you opted for your own admin username when doing the setup then you would end up with the default admin user account and your own 'admin'. There's no official way to add a second admin account after installation but there are instructions that others have documented.

Any other user accounts you create in SRM will be 'normal' '(Normal)' users !
Thank you fredbert... This should be the simple stuff! That is not a complaint... I've been very happy with my 215J for 5 years with no issues (unless it was self inflicted.....) and its only been 24 hours with the 2600, so as long as there are no unscheduled reboots or dropouts, and the 2200 Mesh that arrives tomorrow joins up and shares wi-fi nicely the 55+ devices I have, I'll be very pleased. The feature rich interface is amazing, and I will likely never need the full flexibility it offers, but it's there if I need it. Name another Router that has controls + a schedule for the LED's!
Here is the answer I just got from Synology:

As far as the beep is concerned, NAS units will beep when reset but the router models don't have an internal speaker, so the lights tell you what's going on.

Yes, the admin account is a separate account, and will be disabled if you create a new admin user.

I'm not 100% sure about the password rules, SRM uses an algorithm to determine the password strength. Finally, to change the admin password in the Control Panel, all you'd need to do is replace the dotted-out password with your new one in both boxes and hit apply.

Hope this helps the next user who has these questions..... And thanks again to both of you for your assistance.

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