router trendnet tew-829dru not in the list for ds218j nas

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router trendnet tew-829dru not in the list for ds218j nas

My router is not listed, which router could I select to proceed with the setup?
Are you trying to configure some ports? Would suggest to manually configure the ports instead of using upnp route.

What are you trying to do?
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Hi thks for your response, I am trying to configure my Nas for external access, I replaced my old router by this one, because the old one was failing, and I've chose this one to have another wan as backup, now the nas is giving me this message to configure again my router and it is not listed
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It doesn’t matter that it’s not listed. just log into your router and configure the ports needed for external access.

Not being listed doesn’t mean you can’t do it manually. From a security point it will be more safe to do it manually anyways.
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