RS2416RP+ Intel CPU bug - Custom fix with 100Ohm resistor

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RS2416RP+ Intel CPU bug - Custom fix with 100Ohm resistor

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I’ve encountered this sort of thing on a very $$$ TV broadcast Device. In the IC, CPU , gate array or such, the design partially fails, internally, but overall keeps working. The resistor added ( or in my case-removed!) gets the interface between the component that partially failed and the rest of the circuitry going properly again.

I have heard that on CPU Issue it may, or may not, last for years afterward. In my case 6 of the 7 cameras with this “Mod” worked until they were retired 10+ years later, and the 7th failed again, 5 years later, necessitating a $$$ board replacement, because the (custom programmed) surface mount device was not sold separately by camera MFG. It was assumed that what partially failed before failed further, overcoming the prior “fix”..

Apples & Oranges, I know, but it’s basically electronic theory being implemented in the field, under the gun! You take your chances: Cheap vs. $$$ repair, and roll the dice!

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