rsync use on shedule

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rsync use on shedule

DS218+ DSM 6.2.2-24922-4
  1. RT2600ac

i like to use rsync to backup hd1 to hd2.
I want to use it this way , just to be sure it’s not stored to a file,zip,...
This is what i have.

rsync -cavislhn --exclude "#recycle" --delete --modify-window=1 "/volume1/Base/" "/volume2/Copy"

where ‘n’ = dry run.
do i use to many options or have to use other?
just to be cover everything.

I like your CLI approach from past posts, but why not Hyper backup instead:
- you can setup more parameters (and you don’t forget for some of them)
- your job is logged and notified by DSM
- you have data editor of the backups (copy of exact file/folder, restore all or exact file/folder)

of course, with HB you can’t use “dry run”.
Maybe I miss some important expectation from your side.

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