RT-1900ac drops connection every day at 9am and midnight

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RT-1900ac drops connection every day at 9am and midnight

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I have an RT-1900ac that disconnects from the internet every day at 9am and midnight for about 15 seconds. I can live with the one at midnight, but working from home and teleconferencing makes the 9am disconnect very troublesome. I've verified that it's the router, as I've connected an older ASUS model that I have and it does not disconnect at those times.

I’ve tried generating a log file, but the router opens a new window that says “Download will begin in a moment...” but nothing ever happens, and it takes my wifi connection offline after a few moments.

It’s a stock Rt-1900ac with no additional packages added.

Any idea on how to fix this?


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Hmm interesting that it repeats at those precise moments. You probably have done this already but I will ask still.

  • You have it patched to the latest SRM version?
  • How many devices connected to it?
  • Have you tried to minimize the number of devices and test it that way?

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