RT2600ac and MR2200AC GL

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RT2600ac and MR2200AC GL

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Good day,

I recently bought a rt2600ac to replace a netgear r7000. I am very happy so far. I am thinking of getting an mr2200ac router to create a mesh network and have better coverrage around my home. I am wondering of the MR2200AC GL (which is the canadian version) is compatible with the rt2600ac router or if I have to get the us version through a us vendor?

Well apparently the rt2600 was never meant to be sold and use in Canada. On the other hand, the mr2200ac gl was specially designed for the Canadian market. The Amazon.ca seller asks for a 20% restocking fee when returned so I am trying to find someone who tested this setup before purchasing it 🙂
When I look in Control Panel of my RT2600ac (SRM v1.2.3-8017) there is System / Regional Options and under the drop-down list for Location I can select Canada. So that should 'meet regulatory compliance'.

The RT2600ac will be the main device in the mesh and act as controller of the MR220ac. Whatever settings the RT uses will then be passed to the MR.

I can't see why it shouldn't be possible to use the two together but I suppose there's a chance they can't.

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