RT2600ac RT2600ac - I can't see all devices on my network.

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RT2600ac RT2600ac - I can't see all devices on my network.

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I have a question related to the identification of devices connected to the router.

I have a working wifi bridge (2x TP-link)and my Synology router does not show the list of devices at the other end of the bridge.
The router shows the IP of the device that is at the end of the bridge (the bridge has an IP outside the DHCP pool distributed by the router).

On Synology I have DHCP enabled, bridge devices configured in bridge mode, on the other side of the bridge there is a switch and an AP (with DHCP disabled, configured in access point mode). All devices on the network have Internet access.

I've had other routers before. Devices with Asus, Merlin or Tomato software. Routers always showed all devices getting IP from DHCP.

I did not change the network configuration. I just replaced the router with Synology.
How to set Synology to show all devices on the local network?
I have 3 Netgear GS110EMX switches with second uplinked to the first, the third uplinked to the second, as they were designed to be. My RT2600AC only shows the devices on the first switch. If this is by design it's a bad design
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At times a static IP security cam connected directly to 2600 does not display. Other times it does! ??? All my switches are unmanaged. Doesn’t matter what switch anything is connected to, nor WiFi, nor Static or Dynamic IP. None of devices have any problems doing anything.
V1.3.1-3 installed. No VLAN. Has done this for years. Use FING on iPhone if I want to know what’s attached.

Look for a post I did here on a camera that FING saw, but 2600 Traffic Control didn’t, though I could PING that camera with 2600 Network Tools, and what I had to do to get camera to display at all in Traffic Control, in order to Block it from Internet in Traffic Control!
Doesn’t make sense, to me. But FING WORKS, so I moved on.

PS…. I am so concerned that blocking from internet works in Traffic Control that I also added a custom rule in Firewall for cameras. No “Hits” on this rule in 4+ years, but there are too many variables to state anything from that..
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I have RT6600ax and WRX560 both wire back hauled to Netgear MS510TX. This switch's four 1GbE ports are LAG'ed and VLAN'ed to four 1GbE ports on a TP-Link T1600G-28TS (would you say this is uplinked? to me I would but I'm not a LAN expert), which has my DS1520+ connected to four more 1GbE ports. The TP-Link also has my other NAS connected to it.

Depending on the Network Center view in SRM I see or don't see the NAS. But then the NAS have manual network settings: in the Traffic Control list I do see the NAS, but in the Local Network's DHCP Client list the NAS are absent (as I would expect).

When I connect my MacBook Air via ThunderBolt-Ethernet to the TP-Link switch then it is visible in the DHCP Client list. I have different ports on the switch to allow untagged connection into the different VLANs: when I connect to them the MacBook Air's DHCP listing changes.

Which view in SRM are we talking about?
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