RT2600ac Official/Licensed Wall Mount Options?

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RT2600ac Official/Licensed Wall Mount Options?


I would like to mount my RT2600ac to the wall to get it away from hardware interfering with the radio signal, but the placement of the legs makes that really difficult.

Is there any official/licensed mount plate or similar product to make this easier? I found some 3D printed solutions online, but I don't have access to a 3D printer...

Haven't seen one. Two ideas:

  1. Put the router on a shelf. There'll be lots of small ones you can find at DIY stores etc.
  2. Small block of wood (width: just wider than the two mounting holes; height: just lower than the legs to base of router).
    1. Drill a hole (or two) in the centre of the block and screw it to the wall.
    2. Use two screws to attach the router to the block.
Don't forget the cables have to reach the elevated position, and the power brick doesn't have a long flex.

This is my solution for 2200 model that I have in the middle of my house on an elevated position. Guessing you can do the same for the 2600 model as well.
You did ask for a wall-mount ... how did you plan to fix it to the wall? :ROFLMAO:

Another idea that doesn’t damage the wall too much: picture-frame hook either one or two pin type. The router isn’t that heavy but you’ll have to work how to strap the router onto the hook (boot lace!).

Tower shelving looks a good idea too. I’ve a couple of similar from Ikea that are cheap but big enough for LPs. KALLAX Shelf unit - black-brown - IKEA
I should have been clearer, @fredbert. I don't mind putting nails in the wall, but a lot of the floating/wall shelving I've seen requires a stud or an anchor adapter (?), and I have very little room to maneuver on the particular wall in question. I'm not sure there's actually a safe, convenient place to hang anything right there with nails.

I was actually considering at one point getting one of those 3M Command Strip shelf units, but they're too small.

I think the tower shelving is the way to go. There's a cheap (relatively) bamboo unit at the Container Store I'm looking at now. It's not exactly what I would want forever, but this is not a place I really want to pump a lot of money into for furniture--especially when it's adapt-to-the-too-small-office furniture. That is not a problem I hope to have forever.

The one you linked has to be anchored to the wall. That's interesting. The other wall-anchor units I've seen have listed it as an optional, "do not crush ye child" feature.
The Ikea one comes with anchor brackets but also so it can be mounted horizontally, and completely off the floor. I use it vertically (without the brackets) and slightly wedged at the front so it leans back: the wall has a skirting board at the floor so the unit can't be pushed flush anyway. It's also not as heavy as it might look, so putting heavier things at the bottom anchors it down.
Thanks for the advice, @fredbert . I've got the attractive but annoying trim at the bottom of the wall, too, so I can't get it flush with the wall in any event. Add squishy carpet to that, and I'm just so enthusiastic about putting any sort of tower in place and loading it down with expensive tech.

Weighing it down with heavy stuff at the bottom is definitely the way to go. The router's going on the top shelf, but it barely weighs anything, anyway.
I have the carpet too, so add hard gripper rod next to the wall and soft carpet at the front. At least the wedge gets hidden in carpet :)

I've got three cubes filled with vinyl LPs and it's not moving! At £35 for the black-ish one or £30 for the white and it's a reasonably cheap experiment.

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