RT2600ac parts!

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RT2600ac parts!

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Bought a parts unit for playing around with.
Guy said 1 antenna bad, there were 2.. the plastic hinge pin was broke. Fixed both with Pop Rivet shaft, coax not pinched.
Next. Unit itself. Small 3/16” square IC burned up on top of board beside painted “D2”graphic. Top Center of board. On power up a few LEDs light, then all dark. IC numbers burned off chip…. Can see hints of surface mount pins on sides of burned chip, so it’s not a diode. I’ve a good solder station but I’m not good with surface mount.

Tested all 4 antennas on my 2600, and power supply. Fine.

So I’ve got Antennas and plastic case if anyone needs them. And if someone is good with surface mount, I’ll reopen and give more info.

Motherboard available for postage.

Zipcode for shipping 28785

If anyone needs it, I can document what’s inside antenna

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