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Managed to get my grubby paws on one of only a few RT6600AXs available in Australia. and promptly set about replacing my venerable RT2600ac, (which will end up elsewhere, replacing my MR2200ac).

Obviously no direct migration of settings is supported yet, hopefully when SRM 1.3 is available for older routers this will become an option.

The good news is that most apps (if up-to-date) can be migrated via backup/restore of app settings from within each application (Safe Access, VPN Server, Threat Prevention). DNS zones were exported and imported on the new router without issue.

A couple of gotcha moments were:
1) Trying to restore to Threat Prevention before it had started up and updated definitions on the new router (whoops, user error)
2) Site-to-Site VPN settings import failed due to local networks not matching - no problem, just open up the exported settings file and create the connection in SRM manually from the settings file.

My next task is to add a USB 2.5GbE adaptor to the NAS (to tide me over until the DS-1522+ is available), and put that 2.5GbE LAN port into use. I'm also considering a 2.5GbE or 10GbE switch so I can put the NAS and my homelab NUCs on faster connections too. I have no need for a faster than gigabit WAN port just yet, due the state of the NBN in AU - sadly that is likely a few years away.
Does the RT6600ax support any form of LAG on the LAN ports? I’m not hopeful but haven’t seen any mention of it, one way or the other.

I wonder, if you made backups from both the RT2600ac and RT6600ax, could you load them both into something like BBEdit and copy/adapt the old settings into the new. I’m not keen to manually recreate my DHCP reservations, nor firewall policy.
Nope, it doesn't.

Alternatively, and applies to RT2600ac too, can a multi-LAN port NAS connect to multiple router LAN ports and use the NAS's Adaptive Load Balancing/Balance-SLB?

It looks like you surmised correctly - dhcp info and firewall rules in separate files in the SRM 1.3 backup.
If the format looks the same or can be tweaked ... may be you can repackage the old configs into the new? If you are feeling brave ;)
Those modes of LAG don't require any special switch support, usually done with an unmanaged switch. Wouldn't be surprised if a router's LAN 'switch' ports somehow stopped it working, and I'm not going to change my setup to test (yet).
So since the 6600 does not have an SD card slot, I need to get a USB hub on there so I can throw some USB storage on it, and have a port free to also support a backup network (eg my cell phone for when my crap internet goes out here).

Has anyone tried any USB hubs that work well? Do we know what the speed of the USB port is? Is it a 10gbps 3.1 port? Is there enough juice in the port to power a small hub and a small drive and the alternative internet/phone connect?
Ok, I put a powered USB hub into the back of the 6600 and put a small SSD into that. The SSD came right up, and I was able to install threat prevention with no issues. The hub gives me 3 more ports for the future. I probably will only use one other port for an alternative internet source, but good to know there are no issues with the storage device.
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It is a USB 3.2 Gen 1

It should work (haven't tested as I didn't had any hubs), but that remains to see if multiple devices will be detected via a hub.

Thanks, do you know what happens when you click the "Downgrade USB 3.0 device to reduce interference to 2.4GHz signal"? I get that it downgrades a 3.0 device to a USB 2.0 device. Does that apply to USB 3.2 gen 1 as well?
"Downgrade USB 3.0 device to reduce interference to 2.4GHz signal"
How are these things related? I have USB3 all over my router (non-Synology) and neither have this option, nor require it. What is Synology coding nowadays?
How are these things related? I have USB3 all over my router (non-Synology) and neither have this option, nor require it. What is Synology coding nowadays?
My RT2600ac has this in SRM 1.2 too. Never bothered to enable the downgrade of USB 3, I'd rather try and get any benefit for the USB drive that's mandatory for running Threat Prevention.

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