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RT6600ax - Tri-band Wi-Fi 6 router - Ultrafast and secure wireless connectivity

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Ultrafast and secure wireless connectivity for your home, office, and everything in between​

Tri-band Wi-Fi for easy distribution of your devices between radios, optimizing range and performance while avoiding bottlenecks.

Quad-core 1.8 GHz processor for snappy management and fast connection speeds, even with multiple devices connected and all features enabled.

Support for the new 5.9 GHz band...

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Ok... I'm going to say it... without judging any of its functionalites or capabilities... this thing looks terrible... just as ugly as any other "gamery", "spidery", "antennae-y" router from other brands.

I mean... there's no way I want to put this at home... and that's coming from the person at home who doesn't care about deco stuff...

I understand the reasons why it looks how it looks... but isn't there any other way of designing these things with good wireless performance?... It's a rethorical question, of course there is, I've just looked at the ubiquity store...

I'm sure that there are people who don't care or like the design, and that's perfectly ok... I'm just very much not one of them...

Sorry for the rant...
Most excellent write-up by Rusty. Even I am now intrigued.

However, I don't care for the single USB which, if TP is your need, is unavailable for shared drive, printer, etc.

I'm also dismayed that if LAN1 is used for WAN, that only 3 LAN connections remain (or does the WAN port double as a LAN connector.

Seems too, that memory is a bit lacking, seeing how it is running already at 70% in the report.

Why is it that Synology releases never leap forward, but only crawl, or stumble, ahead?

Did I miss the retail cost somewhere?
can't argue with your POV...and why only the single 2.5 GB port? It amazes me how so many vendors to this day keep configuring networked equipment with legacy 1GBE NIC's....yes, it is generally fast enough for the average home user but for those wanting higher speeds it can't really be that much more expensive.
But this... if you have multi-Gb internet you can't connect it to a 2.5G switch, so your LAN traffic is 1GbE limited.

That's not very forward-thinking on Synology's part. Dumb and dumber.

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